Since 2012, all new cars, motorbikes and trailers sold in South Africa are required by law to incorporate microdot protection.

This underlines the value of the technology as an effective theft deterrent and recovery solution. Criminals are aware that police, insurance companies and retailers can determine the original identity of any Veridotted vehicle, while individual parts sold as second-hand spares can similarly be identified.
Having your car, motorbike or trailer Veridotted at an approved fitment centre entails:
• Thousands of microscopic dots being applied to specific parts of your vehicle which clearly identify you as the rightful and legal owner
• A warning label being applied to your vehicle to deter potential criminals
• Your unique VERIDOT® identifier and vehicle details being stored on our national database
Furthermore, it will enable law enforcement officers and insurance investigators to identify your vehicle at the push of a button.



An example of a Veridot® Vehicle warning sticker
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